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Wizarding World of HP

Updated: May 4, 2019

Evangeline's 11th Birthday

This has been a theme I've been dying to design for years. & I mean years. Harry potter has been such a huge influence on our generation, the books, the movies, the whole other realm that this takes our imagination too is so amazing. & to be able to design something that does that too was awesome.

The birthday girl. Evangeline, such a sweetheart. She asked if I needed help a few times. & usually I don't take the extra help, but she was too cute & very persistent. So she helped me with some of the setup and was just so sweet & excited as she started seeing the details come together.

Arcy (mom) reached out to me a few months prior to make sure I was available. & I was. She sent over a few inspirational images & let me do what I do best. Create something fun & inspiring. I went to the drawing board, searched my inventory pulled some pieces. Sketched a preliminary mockup. & sent it over. (This is always the nerve wrecking part, seeing if they are even going to like what I put together, she did 😊)

This set is available for DIY rental in our Ready to Go packages. You can find it here.

Mom's friend made the cake & treats.

Lots of fun candy & treats were used for the dessert table. I always crack up because there is always little eyes watching & fingers trying to grab candy/treats while I'm setting up. Everytime without hesitation, it's one of my favorite moments because I know it's coming.

Mom did such a great job on the golden finch.

Mom & dad were involved with so many fun details. This backdrop mom came up with, which was used as a selfie backdrop. She printed tons of wanted signs & taped them all on this wall. Dad did a great job on the balloon garland.

Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this special day.

& thank you to Arcy for capturing such beautiful photos & memories to last a lifetime.


Styling & Decor - Carmen Navarro Designs

Cake & Treats -

Photography - Sarabia Photography

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