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To Fort or not to Fort?

The answer is always yes. I mean if you have kids & want to occupy for a few hours, this is the perfect solution. It's perfect for a picnic ( which we did 'for lunch) but my favorite it creating a fort for movie night.

Here are some key items you need ( which you should definitely have laying around your house)

  • PILLOWS Lots of pillows for comfort

  • BLANKETS for coziness

  • STRING LIGHTS Battery Operated String lights for ambiance ( and I mean the kids love the it)

  • SHEETS This helps create the top of the fort. I use a combination of fitted sheets and flat sheets. I like to use the fitted sheets because you and wrap it around cushions or chair ledges and it won't move because of the elastic. and the flat sheets I use to drape over.

  • Dining Chairs to drape the sheets over. ( you can also use clips to attach it to the chairs if it doesn't stay in place.

  • SNACKS Whether you are having lunch or movie night or even just playtime in the fort, snacks are a must. Here are some food ideas and items you can use. ( again utilizing what you have around the house is key)

  • TRAY - To hold all the snacks and food items ( trust me having something to store items will help keep the mess under control. and trust me there will be a mess because kids but it will be worth it.

  • BOWL/PLATES for popcorn or whatever else. Sharing size or individual bowls.

using themed items here is always fun, I dug through my leftover party container and was able to pull together this fun setup in 10 MINS!!!

  • Drinks -I usually only fill the cups half way because kids and spills are bound to happen. Straws are helpful in this case too.

  • Napkins, Utensils depending on what kind of food you are serving.

Pillows, blanket and sheets is all you need!


Depending how many kids you have you can make a fort small with one sheet, or get creative and use multiple sheets to create a village.


Make sure all the kids are sitting and ready to eat or watch a movie before actually handing over any kind of food or liquid. That way they are stable and not moving around therefore there will likely be less of a mess. & I say less, because there will be some kind of mess that will happen. and don't worry to much, throw the blankets in the wash and call it a day.


Get in there with them and have some fun, Not only will the kids be excited to be under a fort, but you as a parent going in there with them will be so much more exciting for them. Creating memories is what I strive for with everything I do. & this is for sure one of them. and don't forget to HAVE FUN!!!

XOXO -Carmen

Mermaid Banner from Meri Meri Party

Cups, Napkins, Plates Jollity and CO.



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