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Cupcake Party

June 2017

This day in June was one of my first days back to work after giving birth to my daughter last year. I actually had her with me she was 2 months old, I know I know, I went back to work early on, but I literally scheduled back to back events the entire month of June last year. Every weekend I had 3-4 events & did a total of 15 events that month. I had clients who pushed their event back a few months since March – May I was out commission.

Wanted to share a few more details besides the few pictures I shared on Social Media last year.

This was one of my favorite Designs from last year. Loved every bit of it.

It was such a cute theme, that Lana’s mom had & 100% credit to her. They called her their little cupcake. So the theme was definitely fitting.


I had fun & made some cupcake liner garlands in the Matching color scheme,

& loved how the balloon Garland turned out. Mom had custom table scatter made!

The treats were so cute, forgive me for not knowing who designed them! (This is what happens when you blog a party a year later.

I do however know that the cake was made by Batter up Bakery & it was amazing!

I loved being able to design this, & love this family. They are sweethearts & I am lucky enough to have been apart of this family memory.

Styling – Carmen Navarro Designs

Cake – Batter up Bakery

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