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Farmhouse Love

This set is one of my favorites. I know I say that about all my sets. But with this one it s a bit different. I started thinking about 6 months about how amazing it would be to design a Joanna Gaines inspired event. But of course I am not going to sit around and wait for that theme to jump into my lap. (not your typical theme) So I started collecting pieces back then.

The set you see here is able to become a Baby Shower & Bridal Shower. ( or any other celebration for that matter)

Here are some of the details to look for :

  • Different textures

  • Galvanized items

  • Wood pieces

  • Eucalyptus

  • Silos inspired decor

  • Kitchen pieces

  • Pop of black

  • Shiplap backdrop

  • Galvanized balloon

  • Cotton

  • Blocks, bear & diaper (baby shower)

  • Black and white Tiles


The Textures were one of my favorite elements to this tablescape
Now I have been a fan of the show "Fixer Upper" since it started wayy back in 2013. & definitely pulled some inspiration from Mrs. Joanna Gaines.

In 2013 we had just moved into our first home & I know after many many episodes I was in love with the Farmhouse style. Showed my husband the style. And he automatically shot it down. My heart was crushed. But anywho fast foward to 2019 I get to vivaciously live my farmhouse dreams through this setup.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Vanessa of Vanessa Michelle Photography took these amazing photos, and captured everything so perfectly. I can't get over all of these details shots. Make sure you head over and check out all of her amazing work. You won't be disappointed.

This version is so great, perfect for a bridal shower. ( but not only limited to it.)

I used unconventional items to house candy and treats for this tablescape;

  • Wood pieces are great for cookies, or tarts

  • Colanders can be used for candy or larger biscuits

  • Flour jars are perfect for candy

  • Coffee tins are perfect for candy as well

  • Galvanized 3 Tier platters are great for cupcakes, mason jars with treats

  • Black house silhouettes are perfect for cupcakes and or shooters

  • Scale, you can also put cookies, and or candy in there as well




Here is the baby shower version, just a few details you will see here that are different, to make it more baby friendly.

THANK YOU for coming to read and see all of this.



Now if you are interested in renting this set up for you next event you can head out to our DIY Packages to check out all of the details AND book it.

Styling and Decor - Carmen Navarro Designs

Photographer - Vanessa Michelle Photography

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