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This collection is sure to bring a little of that Christmas spirit into your home this holiday season. 

Any one that knows me, knows my love for Pastel decor. Especially Christmas Decor. Every year I get asked over and over again, where I find all my Pastel Holiday Decor, and to be honest, half of it is hand crafted and or has taken me years to collect. 

Well this year I am proud to to bring you all my handcrafted Christmas Collection. With all the cute Pastel pieces that you are going to love.  I hope these pieces will not only look pretty in your home, but also serve as a reminder to enjoy the little things this Holiday Season. Like appreciating and supporting a designer who loves creating.

These curated decorations are handcrafted and made with love, because no matter what the world looks like right now, being able to create and express has been so important to me. So thank you from the bottom of my heart! 


Each piece is custom made and might show a slight variance from one piece to another, which is typical to see in handmade items. No 2 pieces are alike.

I hope you love all details that went into every single piece.

 Wishing you and your family a safe and healthy Holiday Season. and Thank you for supporting my small business.


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