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Hi, I am Carmen,


                    Creative Designer & Owner of Carmen Navarro Designs. Welcome to my little creative corner of the internet. I live in sunny California with my husband who is currently serving in the Air Force, my beautiful daughter Natalia, who is my world and has given me a different kind of flicker for life. Just trying my best to raise a kind human being. We also have our Maximus and Honey who have a stinky tail wagging place in our hearts.  When I am not designing, you can catch my family and I at a local restaurant, because we have a deep love for food. Drawing is one of my go to things when I have nothing else going on, which is kind of hard these days chasing after a toddler. But it is fun none the less. Or hanging out with friends and family, because that is what life is all about. I have a deep love for anything pastel, unicorns, green tea frappes, all of the watermelon, pizza and guacamole. 

"I am living proof that if you work hard and never give up on your dreams, even if those dreams change along the way, you can achieve anything you put your heart into. Never give up. Surround your self with positive people who lift you up, and you will see so much

change in your life

. . 


How it Started


The idea of Carmen Navarro Designs, went from a small college dream, to a real life reality.  


Upon graduating from high school I knew I wanted to be a designer. I just didn't know I would be an Event Stylist. I always had plans and dreams of being a well established interior designer. But the universe had different plans.


While I was nearing the end of my second year at F.I.D.M  in Los Angeles in November of 2008, I had my first encounter with the Event Planning world. I designed one of my close friends weddings. (& Let me me add that it was a 500 count guest list.) I loved the feeling of creating an experience for not only the Bride and Groom but also the guests. Everyone loved every single detail. I left that event very proud and with a very curious mind. 


That curiosity was shortlived as I graduated late December of 2008 with my AA in interior design. I was a bit lost when I graduated, as the economy went downhill and the job market was scarce. This is when Carmen Navarro Designs was born! I knew I wanted to create a brand with my name and create something, no one will forget.


As I worked on bringing Carmen Navarro Designs to life, I also attended the Academy of Art University where I received my BFA in Architecture Design. Yes Call me crazy, I went back to school and took advantage of all the amazing design skills to be learned.


The moment I walked across that stage the second time around, I knew there was no stopping myself from doing whatever my heart desired. and the rest is history. Well an ongoing History! : ) <3

Never Stop believing in your dreams

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